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What We Do


We have been silkscreen printing t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags and other textiles since 2011. In addition to band and event merchandise, we also produce both small and large editions for museums, cafés, fashion labels, commercial enterprises and many more. We are always open to improve the quality of our print work by learning about the latest techniques, equipment and colors. To do this, we visit trade fairs and companies and exchange ideas with other professional printers in order to ensure that your order is processed smoothly and at the highest quality level. Whether 30 or 30,000 textiles - our experienced team will take care of your inquiries with passion.


Our customer service team respond to every request and every question individually within max. 24hs. We are happy to discuss all questions regarding your request, from finding the matching textile blanks to ensuring that your design turns out as desired in the final print.


We offer designing third-party textiles in such a way that they match your brand. This includes, for example:
• removing existing labels from blanks
• inside neck print with customized designs and size charts
• sewing customer labels on blanks


We print mini patches and sew them onto beanies if requested


In our workshops we work ROQ automatic screen printing machines.


We use WILFLEX phytalate-free plastisol inks, water-based inks and specialize in textile printing with discharge inks. We can also process special colors such as 'glow in the dark', reflective or metallic colors on request.